About Kay

Kay D’Arcy was born in Britain prior to WWII, evacuated to Lancashire – The Beatles’ territory, and then returned to London to complete her education. After training at Guy’s Hospital as a RN/Midwife she found work as a Nurse in England and abroad, before marrying and producing six children. When her marriage ended she returned to London and graduated in drama from “The Academy” in London and acquired British Equity status, which enabled her to act both in Europe and China for 10 years prior to arriving in the USA in 2002. Having obtained a work visa she joined A.F.T.R.A. and S.A.G. and has recently been granted a Green Card, enabling her to now work in live Theater.

During her time in the USA, Kay has worked in television and film. Her most recent – (2014) – roles have been in “Suburgatory” (Warner Bros.), and “The Will Wheaton Project.” She has been highly publicized (raised $105,000 on Kickstarter), in the role of “Agent 88″ a senior assassin with Alzheimer’s. The role of Agent 88 came to Kay through her talents and skills in martial arts.

In addition to her daily Tai Chi regimen, which helps keep Kay physically fit and active, she takes extensive classes with Master Tung, a 3rd generation Chinese Master.

Kay’s other interests include singing (she spent 10 years with a Choir in Hollywood, writing, working with physically challenged and disabled actors, and working with children. Kay is thriving on the American lifestyle.